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Oryx Hills offer a wonderful place for families to live

Mr. Ebrahim H. Ebrahim, CEO & Board member of Khaleeji Commercial Bank is very optimistic about the future and he is very confident that in the GCC economies will over come the financial crisis within 2009. Here he is talking to “Al Areen Times” about Oryx Hills.

Can you give us a brief about Oryx Hills?
Oryx Hills is a unique residential concept within Al Areen development offering a tranquil living ambience away from the city environs. The response to the residential project was tremendous with 70 per cent of the development sold out in record time. Oryx Hills is an extension of the inspiring vision of Al Areen to provide quality luxurious living space in a natural surrounding.

It is situated between two valleys, the contours of the hills provide a stunning landscape setting. The development has been superbly planned to offer a tranquil setting for family living in an environment which fuses nature, Oryx Hills' surrounding wildlife, the community and modern architecture into a contemporary yet simple lifestyle setting.

What are the components of Oryx Hills?
Oryx Hills will comprise an array of luxury villas with a splendid view of the eastern cliffs and a grand wadi within the Al Areen development.

Offering stunning views of the desert and looking out across a grand wadi, Oryx Hills comprises approximately 70 villas in three different types. Floor areas range from 400 to 650 square meters & land areas range from 700 to 1,200 square meters within a unique modern environment that combines contemporary designs with strong elements of traditional Arabian architecture with inspiring modern-day facilities and amenities. This exclusive residential community will be interconnected with wide roads.

As a community within a community, Oryx Hill residents will also be able to take full advantage of all that Al Areen has to offer including the nearby Banyan Tree Desert Spa and Resort, Bahrain's leading water park 'The Lost Paradise of Dilmun', the Al Areen Wildlife Park, Bahrain's F1 circuit, as well as a planned retail mall in Al Areen Downtown and other leisure and recreational facilities.

Can you talk to us about the design of the villas?
The Oryx Hills villas will have modern designs with elements of Arabian architecture strongly incorporated into it. Natural materials will be extensively used in the construction of the villas, which will be located within a landscaped environment complete with pedestrian pathways in a lush green country-side setting. A distinctive feature of Oryx Hills will be its layout in line with the natural contours of the land with charmingly asymmetrical streets reminiscent of old Arabian cities.

Why would any family be interested in Oryx Hills?
Oryx Hills will offer a wonderful place for families to live. When we first set out on this venture with our investors, we knew we had to create a place that was a community and that was also authentic. Our designers and architects have delivered our vision incredibly well. A whole community has been created within the overall community of Al Areen. Contemporary villas based around Arabic architecture have been set in an organic way within the verdant landscaped features of Oryx Hills' valleys, offering residents a place they can truly call home.

How would you describe the property market in Bahrain?
The quick uptake of residential units in Oryx Hills is a reflection of the robust demand scenario in the Kingdom's residential property market. Being a real-estate-focused bank, we are also very proud to contribute to the development of the residential property sector of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As of the financial crisis hitting the world economy including the GCC, we firmly believe that the effect would be of a temporary nature and we will hopefully see things starting going back to normal by mid 2009.