Press Releases

The Al Areen Holding Company Journeys to the “Invest in Bahrain” Pavilion at the Bahrain International Circuit to Showcase Its Progress

8 March 2006

As part of its expansive promotional plans, the Al Areen Holding Company is taking part in one of the exhibition stands of the “Invest in Bahrain” Pavilion, which will be hosted at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) during the upcoming F1 races to be held on March 10 through 12, 2006. The exhibition will include eight promotional wings, all aiming to demonstrate the highly charged and progressive movement of projects currently underway inside the Kingdom of Bahrain. This year, race fans can enjoy a feast for their eyes both on and off the track.

In the same spirit, Al Areen is also extending an open invitation to all those who wish to get a closer look at the development’s exciting accomplishments thus far, as well as those next in line for implementation. This is all made possible through the use of Al Areen’s on-site Client Relations Center (CRC) and main office building neighboring the BIC, which is an integral part of the Al Areen development’s promotional offerings to visitors.

The Al Areen CRC serves as a site office for the development at large with a fully-integrated sales centre that accommodates Al Areen’s on-site staff as well as services sub-developers. The CRC aims to be the main sales centre for the Al Areen development as well as the chief marketing and promotional facility for the entire development. The CRC is adjacent to the Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary and neighbors the BIC. In addition to its main functions, the CRC helps guide guests, arrange tours to the site and hosts events ranging from press conferences to corporate meetings. Thanks to the center’s location close to the F1 Circuit, visitors can easy access to CRC..

Eng. Waleed Saffy, General Manager of the Al Areen Holding Company, said: “Al Areen spares no effort to forge ahead in adding considerable value to the large-scale development matrix in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, our participation in electrifying events like the F1 races will enable us to explain the various exciting features of the Al Areen development and its progress to date in a similar spirit. We are pleased to take part in the greater community’s initiatives surrounding this galvanized season, and invite visitors to our pavilion stand as well as our CRC and development grounds.”

The concept behind Al Areen envisions transforming a unique desert plot into a diversified blend of health, residential, hospitality and entertainment conveniences that will cater to the growing demand for exclusive and creative real estate projects in the local market, and meet the requirements of regional and international tourists alike. The development aims to deliver luxury facilities of the highest standards, exceptional deluxe villas and apartments, world-class entertainment facilities, and will serve as an ideal setting for pleasurable visits, cultural excursions as well as business trips.

Al Areen’s master plan has been designed carefully to reflect the beauty of the site location and the surrounding natural environment. The ultimate objective of the Al Areen management team was to come up with unique design that is feasible and practical, taking into consideration the development theme and the integration with the natural environment.

The Al Areen development is creating an authentic desert experience to be established as an attractive regional and international tourist destination. It will incorporate a world-class spa resort, a group of lavish residential communities, commercial area, hotels, a distinctive water park, and access to the adjacent Wildlife Sanctuary as its featured components. The image of Al Areen will consequently be that of a resort town, with a degree of formality and grandeur in parts, but with quiet, hidden-away village centers and private residences.