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Al Areen Holding Company Shifts to On-site Client Relations Centre to Consolidate Operations

3 March 2006

Moving the headquarters to the CRC a significant step to oversee intense progress of the Al Areen development

The Al Areen Holding Company (Al Areen), developer of the landmark mixed-use Al Areen development in the Kingdom of Bahrain announced shifting its headquarters to the onsite Client Relations Centre (CRC) as part of consolidating its operations aimed at closely monitoring the progress of the US$750 million project.

Announcing the relocation, senior officials of Al Areen said that the move represents a significant step in aiding the rapid progress of the development, which will play a major role in increasing the inflow of family and health-oriented tourists to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Commenting on the shifting of the headquarters to the CRC, Eng. Waleed Saffy, General Manager of Al Areen Holding Company, said: “Moving to the CRC is a significant step forward in the evolution of the Al Areen development because of the increasingly intense progress on site. We look at the move as a strategic decision to be closer to where the action is.”

He said that the CRC currently hosts offices, conference and auditorium facilities, mock-up areas of residential components, a model display area and even a falcon hospital. “The shifting of the headquarters will add managerial, administrative and technical operations to the ambit of the CRC, which will help in furthering the progress of the Al Areen development in a more cohesive manner,” added Eng. Saffy.

The CRC serves as a site office for the development at large with a fully-integrated sales centre that accommodates Al Areen’s on-site staff as well as services sub-developers. The CRC aims to be the main sales centre for the Al Areen development as well as the chief marketing and promotional facility for the entire development. The CRC is adjacent to the Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary and neighbors the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). In addition to its main functions, the CRC helps guide guests, arrange tours to the site and hosts events ranging from press conferences to corporate meetings.

“The Al Areen development is at a crucial stage of its project cycle, and relocating our headquarters to the CRC will allow the holding company to more directly oversee the project. The development is on a fast-track, and we are confident that the presence of senior officials from the headquarters on-site will add further value to Al Areen’s intense construction path,” added Eng. Saffy.

Numerous individuals are working together as a team to bring to reality the vision of Al Areen. Further to the countless contributions from private and institutional entities, the strong backing from the government of Bahrain has shaped Al Areen into a prestigious development of national impact. Besides boosting the inflow of international visitors into Bahrain, Al Areen will significantly stimulate foreign investments in the Kingdom’s tourism sector.

Al Areen is a large-scale, luxurious urban mixed-use health and family tourism development spread over an area of 2 million square meters, and is located on an elevated desert plot in the southern region of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The main components of the development are a world-class spa resort and a state-of-the-art water park, as well as various residential, commercial, hospitality, recreational, and entertainment facilities.