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Al Areen Development to fund Waterbirds Park as part of its wildlife conservation strategy

28 January 2006

Identifies conservation of natural habitats as the main underlying principle of all action plans; Sponsorship of Waterbirds Park is among the most significant environment protection initiatives

In a significant step that adds social value to its business charter and boosts environmental conservation in Bahrain, the Al Areen Holding Company fund and support the Waterbirds Park, a key section of the Kingdom’s well-known Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve.

Al Areen Holding, promoter of the US$750 million Al Areen development, has specifically targeted the Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve, a leading organisation of its kind in the Middle East dedicated to the protection and breeding of endangered species. The sponsorship of the Waterbirds Park within the Reserve marks the start of an important chapter in Al Areen Holding’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Elaborating on its role of Al Areen Holding in the development of Waterbirds Park, Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al Khalifa, Chairman of Al Areen, said: “Al Areen’s approach to business is one that generates both economic as well as social benefits. Bahrain’s natural environment is of strategic importance to Al Areen Holding given its plans to boost tourism in the Kingdom. As a result, Al Areen Holding has identified the conservation of natural habitats as the main underlying principle of all its action plans.”

The sponsorship of Waterbirds Park is an endorsement of Al Areen Holding’s commitment to sustainable development, Sheikh Khalifa said. “We consider protection and restoration of the environment as an integral part of our management and corporate culture. Our commitment to the restoration of natural habitats will unfold in a series of corporate social programs. The sponsorship and support for Waterbirds Park is the first and the most significant of our conservation efforts,” he added.

Commenting on the support by Al Areen, Prof. Ismail Al Madani, General Director of Environment and Wildlife Protection, Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, said: “The Waterbirds Park is home to several endangered species that need urgent attention. Al Areen’s sponsorship of the Waterbirds Park not only benefits these species but also supports the overall ecosystem. The park, comprising three lakes, some water cascades and two channels, will be built on a modern system. We are extremely delighted to have the support of Al Areen Holding for the Waterbirds Park, which is area of focus within the development.”

Set in the centre of the Al Areen Wildlife Park, the Waterbirds Park is spread over an area of 70,000 square metres. The park will have trees that grow naturally in harsh climatic conditions. A small swamp will be specifically built for native frogs and terrapins which are endangered species in Bahrain.

The US$750 million Al Areen development is a mixed use project that aims to catapult Bahrain in the top league of tourist destinations in the region. While aiming to attract foreign direct investment into Bahrain, the project also seeks to protect and conserve the natural habitats for plants and wildlife in the Kingdom.