The Children’s Oasis Adventure and The Grecian Dancing Fountain

The children’s Oasis adventure
The kids, toddlers & moms area is one of the largest dedicated children’s play areas available in any waterpark anywhere in the world. The area is divided to provide 3 key activities areas all within the same pool. Centrepiece of the children’s area are replicated Dilmun ruins armed with deadly water cannons that kids can blast away at their enemies and then swoosh down specially designed children’s safety slides. The play area is littered with theme based interactive play equipment with min play structures offering a dozen slides and plenty of activities, water sprays, water curtains, minitip buckets and a host of knobs and swivelling and turning levers to adjust and direct the various water jets and sprays. The play area is designed with safety as its number one concern and offers the opportunity for parents to relax around the area in shaded comfort whilst their kids wear themselves out. The children’s pool and activity area can accommodate a maximum capacity of 300 people. the children’s Oasis adventure the grecian dancing fountain.

The grecian dancing fountain
A themed attraction with 20 jet nozzles squirting and spraying water up to 3 metres high. The spray patterns can be altered and programmed to provide a range of interesting and fun effects that is great fun for kids. This water jet activity area can accommodate a maximum capacity of 50 people.